Friday, March 9, 2007

NO WORRIES by Lauren N. Sharman!


Lauren N. Sharman

Witnessing her mother's murder put a label on Gypsy Lance that few people overlooked. Raised in foster homes, she spent her childhood yearning for love and acceptance. Nearly penniless, she arrives in Hagerstown, Maryland looking to put down roots and outrun a past she fears is about to catch up with her.

Blue collar bad boy Rebel McCassey knows what it's like to try and escape your past. No longer the hellion he once was, he's never been able to shake his family's bad reputation. When he finds Gypsy lost in the woods, her unconditional trust and refusal to judge him by his infamous last name touch Rebel in a place he didn't know existed. . .his heart.

When the demons chasing Gypsy are caught lurking in the shadows, Rebel vows to keep her safe; even if it means slipping back into his old ways. . .

The entire McCassey clan captures your heart and brings you into their family. Every page made me want to keep reading and I am looking forward to the next book about this wild family of brothers and cousins.
Lauren Sharman has a homerun with this novel. Everything works and there is no slack in the writing. This is one of those books that had me reading from start to finish in one sitting. Reviewer: Kimberley Spinney
Ecataromance Reviews
Rating: 5 Stars
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In this story, you’ll meet all the McCasseys with whom will pull on your heartstrings as well as urge you to want to know even more about them.
No Worries is a deeply moving, heart wrenching and suspenseful story from beginning to end. Readers will thoroughly enjoy this read about a family from the wrong side of the tracks who are loyal to one another to a tee and are a law among themselves. You'll want to read why they’re the way they are and why they feel such a strong need to protect what’s theirs. Sensational is the only word to describe Lauren Sharman’s tale of suspense, vengeance, and family loyalty and last, but not least, two lost souls searching for a love they never thought possible! I was pulled in from the very first page and couldn’t put this down until I reached its end. I am looking forward to the reading more about this scrutinized close family that consists of Rebel’s brothers and cousins.
-Joni, Reviewer, Two Lips Reviews
Rating: 5 Kisses

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Join Lauren in The Romance Room yahoo group for 2 author days on March 12th & 13th, 2007. Have your questions ready! She'll be running a contest! Just for fun, we'll be having an interview with the hero of NO WORRIES, Rebel McCassey, on the 13th! Visit our yahoo group to find out what time.

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