Monday, February 26, 2007

Arabian Pearl by Emma Wildes

Coming March 1st from Siren Publishing: Arabian Pearl by Emma Wildes!

Here's a tantalizing taste of Arabian Pearl, the first installment in The Brothers of the Absinthe Club series.
“I am leaving you now. I will come for her in the morning.” With that Lela moved in graceful silence across the room and slipped out the door, closing it behind her.
They will be watching as you bed her…Abdul’s warning rang in his head. If Robert spared Rushton’s young daughter, she was doomed. Neither could he simply sit down and explain the situation either. He’d found the small slits in the wall by the bed, cleverly worked into a mosaic relief, and not only would whoever sat there and covertly watched see them clearly, they could also hear anything that was said, he was sure. It would be an insult to his host if he explained to her he was only doing this because he was forced by her circumstances.
The situation was untenable, but there seemed little choice.
Was it rape, Robert wondered, if both parties are unwilling to perform the act?
Well, not precisely unwilling, he reminded himself wryly. He was almost fully hard, and as he approached the bed, he felt himself stiffen further. The beautiful nude woman waiting there was not a sight any man could ignore. She watched him, her lashes still lowered, and he could see the slight rapid beat of her pulse in her throat.
He smiled at her as he sat down on the edge of the bed and reached down to touch her cheek. “What’s your name?”
“Celia.” The answer was hushed almost inaudible.
Yes, that was it, he remembered now. Lady Celia Davenport. “You are lovely, Celia,” he told her, his fingers lightly tracing the full curve of her lower lip. Her mouth was pink and perfect and he urged her to a sitting position facing him, her long hair trailing over her slim shoulders. “I won’t hurt you,” he promised, leaning closer, brushing his mouth across hers.
Her eyes, azure blue at this close range, simply watched him. He kissed her again, a light pressure, tasting her.
“Tell me, where are you from?” he asked for their unwanted audience.
The slight shake of her head told him that she had obviously been instructed to keep silent about her background. “I see,” he murmured, not touching her in anyway except for the drift of his mouth across her jaw. “Can you speak with me at all?”
“If you ask me a question, my lord, I will answer it if I am allowed.”
Inhaling her delicate fragrance, Robert slipped his arm around her waist and brought her closer, into his embrace. Her breasts pressed against his partially open robe and he could feel the warmth of her smooth, pliant skin. Whispering in her ear, hoping it looked as if he was continuing his gentle wooing and trying to ease her fears, he said, “Do not react in any way to what I am about to say, please, but I know your father. I hope only you can hear me say this.”
To her credit, she showed no outward sign of a reaction, but he felt it. Her heartbeat increased and her breathing changed slightly. He moved his mouth to her neck, pressing against that quickened pulse, before sliding upward again. With delicate care, he nibbled on her earlobe, the movement of his lips concealed by her silken hair. “I am trying to free you, but we must do this. If you understand, put your arms around me.”
Her arms slid around his waist.
“And you have to submit completely or you’ll be here forever.”
He hoped only he heard the small sound she made, a sob caught in the back of her throat. Rushton’s pretty daughter had courage, he found then, for she said in a throaty voice that would due credit to any harem girl, “You are very handsome, my lord. I hope I please you well. Whatever you ask, it is my pleasure to give it.”
Review for Arabian Pearl from Romance Junkies:
Emma Wildes' BROTHERS OF THE ABSINTHE CLUB series is off to abrilliant start with this gem of a tale. ARABIAN PEARL satisfies thatwicked fantasy that many women have of being kidnaped and thrust intothe life of a harem girl while still retaining a sense ofindependence and a hope for freedom. I love how Celia changesthroughout the storyline - she goes from a shy virgin to a selfconfident young woman who rejoices in her own sexuality. Robert'sblatant adoration of Celia really endears him to me.ARABIAN PEARL captured my interest from the very first page and heldme enthralled right to the end. I can hardly wait to find out whichof the other men tells his story of daring sexual exploits in THEBLOODSTONE AFFAIR which is due to be released in April 2007.
Rating: 4.5 Blue Ribbons
Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

To learn more about Emma, visit: .

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sticky Magic by Raine Delight!

Sticky Magic
by Raine Delight
Out Now from Forbidden Publicatons
Sticky Magic introduces you to Devon Falls, where the residents are the normal, everyday type of people and this Christmas, one woman's wish will transform her life as well as others around her.
Jenna is a woman who has always felt inadequate around men because she only seems to get the ones who strike out with her friends. With an impulsive wish, she never expects her dream man to come walking into her Candy Shoppe!
Marc du Bree is tall, dark and sinful...every woman's dream come true and he has been searching a very long time for his one true mate! When he walks into the Candy Shoppe, he never expects this pixie of a woman to make him lose control and steal his heart!
But marc has a secret that may have Jenna running for her life. Will she be able to accept who Marc is and give him her whole self, heart and soul? Or will she walk away from the one man willing to give her a love to remember?
Welcome to Devon Falls where Magic, Misteltoe and Christmas bring a story that will keep you entertained as well as hotter than hades!
Review Links:
Coffee Time Reviews gave SM 4 Cups!!
Rose did a wonderful job and captured the essence of the story and characters perfectly.
Here is a snippit of what she had to say about Sticky Magic!
****Sticky Magic, by Raine Delight is a sensual and fun little tale that will keep you guessing and fill you with satisfaction. Yeah, we all know that Christmas brings out the love magic, as Halloween brings out the spirits. In this case, a bit of candy, some tempting of the Fates, and a heartfelt wish by one petite lonely young woman leads a tall dark and handsome warlock to his own realizations of love and seals his future. With a sweep of her pen, Raine has painted a short story filled with love, longing, and fulfillment in a sexy and sweet tale of a search for the perfect and only mate ended in a candy shop. Sticky Magic is a great short read, fast, candy-filled, and sexy and sensual to boot. Available now from Forbidden Publications, Raine Delight’s Sticky Magic is one quick read you can’t afford to miss. Happy Holidays, and may youy all find your own brand of Sticky Magic!
Check out the wonderful review for Sticky Magic at:

Raine Delight
"Where fantasies come to life one page at a time!"
Sticky Magic out now at Forbiddden Publications!
Red Hot Magic: Mardi Gras Publishing Feb. 10th 2007

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Diabolique by Desiree Erotique

Title: Diabolique
ISBN: 978-1-59632-406-0
Author: Desiree Erotique
Cover Artist: Croco Designs
Price: $4.99
About:Recently Phillippe LaFaire witnessed several young village women making love together in an open field. This spectacle left the intellectual tutor more desirous than ever for one of them, auburn-haired Tatiane. But when they are alone at last, not even Tatiane’s confessed passion for Phillippe can dint his sense of propriety. Only the next day, when Phillippe hears of Tatiane’s tragic death, does he begin to realize what a fool he’s been.
There is something that just doesn’t feel right about Tatiane’s death, and Phillippe comes away from her paganish funeral feeling the weight of guilt. When Phillippe is told by Tatiane’s grandmother that the girl wasn’t killed but turned into a vampire his rational view of the world collapses. The grandmother explains that Phillippe has the power to save Tatiane from the clan of vampires that took her. To accomplish this Phillippe must be prepared to use one of the magical formulas found in his library of arcane manuscripts.
But there is one other requisite: that Phillippe abandon his provinciality forever and resolve to claim Tatiane as his pleasure trophy.
It was Tatiane, my kittenish Tatiane, who had offered in life the warmth of desire that I’d so callously, so coldly, turned my back on. As lovely as always, her presence was as real as if she had never died. My stomach knotted with dread; my heart pounded with guilt. Tears burned at my eyes, and as they fell, she licked them from my cheeks. I wanted to speak her name and demand an explanation, but my speech seemed entirely under her control.
Her thighs slipped over the armrests of the chair and she lowered her knees beside my unmoving legs. She began to undulate over my lap, so that her auburn hair whipped my shoulders and her nubile breasts bobbed before my eyes. I was possessed with the smoldering urge to lift her up, throw her across my lap, and deliver the chastisement I should have dealt her that day in the classroom.
The thought of it honed my passion to an almost painful need. She must have suspected my thoughts, for her eyes lowered a moment. As they rose again, she smiled that kittenish smile I so adored, then reached between her thighs and unbuttoned my trousers. Drawing my cock out, she stroked its hardened length, which brought the most delighted purr to her lips.
She tilted forward a little and rubbed her moist slit back and forth across me, tantalizing my need sorely. I longed to suckle her nipples and devour her breasts with my mouth. Instead, I had to endure her husky coo as she tore apart the buttons from my shirt. She flicked her fingernails across my nipples, licking and sucking them until they panged, then Tatiane pulled my trousers down over my hips. Her pelvis and pert bottom rose and, holding my shoulders, she mounted me. Her nether mouth swallowed the length of my cock. Tight was her sheath, and she rode gingerly, pouting ever so softly, leaving me with no doubt that this was a virgin who ravished me.
I no longer heard the words that continued to flow from my mouth. My muscles tensed as my thoughts focused wholly on her almost cruelly slow strides. My jism shot into her, so that the next word stifled in my throat. She heard and kissed me tenderly, inhaling the word from my throat. With kisses she drank the rest of the alchemic procedure as the words spilt forth -- every addendum and comment of the text, which I had memorized. And when she had devoured the final remark, my consciousness faded.
“Phillippe, Phillippe, we are not finished! Phillippe ...”
My eyes opened to her rueful gaze. She kissed me until I was roused to full consciousness. It was then I felt the blood of her maidenhead on my balls. I still could not move of my own volition, and watched as her pelvis ground over my spent cock. Her nether muscles clenched it desperately as she weaved up and down, and very soon my passion was coaxed back.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

In Plain Sight by Gracie C. McKeever!

Back Cover Blurb:

When Samantha Taylor dropped out of her senior year of college to marry gorgeous and almost ten years her senior Dawson Foster, she never knew what she was getting into. But Sam is a quick study, and a year into her marriage, she prepares to remove her unborn baby and herself from a bad situation before it's too late. A headlong tumble down some stairs, however, violently nips her plans in the bud. But someone upstairs has other plans for Sam in the form of rough-and-ready, newly-expired bounty hunter, Dara Kelly.

Twice-divorced, Dara Kelly doesn't want to get married again, not even to luscious, Cuban-Irish Caution Foster. An African-American woman, she thrives in a profession where men set the rules, garnering respect and a tough reputation to match. But along with respect comes envy and enemies who will stop at nothing to gain a bounty…not even murdering a fellow skip tracer.

Review Snippet:

5 Kisses:

"Gracie C. McKeever possesses an incredible imaginative ability and the gift to make any type of paranormal element, no matter how unusual, appear perfectly realistic and [acceptable]. With any of her stories, there is never a question of the reader's suspension of disbelief, it occurs immediately, naturally, and very smoothly. Her action is fast-paced, and her characters are well-delineated. We come to know them as well as we understand our own friends and family, if not better.

Any book by Ms. McKeever is well worth a first read and subsequent rereads, but in the opinion of this reviewer In Plain Sight is one of her best!" —

Frost, Two Lips Reviews

Buy link:


The Matchmaker (series); Sisters of Emsharra (series); Spells Cast in Shadows; In Plain Sight - All Available Now - Siren Publishing Between Darkness and Daylight - Coming Feb 2007

Chat with Siren Authors 2/10/07 - 2/12/07
Chances to Win any e-book from Siren's current releases!

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Clean Cure by Desiree Erotique!

Clean Cure by Desiree Erotique

Title: Clean Cure

Author: Desiree Erotique

Publisher: Loose-Id

Publication date: January, 2007

Genre: BDSM Erotic Contemporary


Nolan and Colleen have a consensual Master/slave relationship, so when he goes away to Iran, Colleen’s understandably distressed at the loss of her Master. Now that he’s home, she’s having a bit of trouble readjusting.
Colleen’s picked up a few displeasing habits since he left. Crude language and the failure to address him as ‘Master’ among them. But Nolan’s not distressed. He knows just how to cure her: a belt, a bar of soap, and her fear that the neighbors might get to witness her punishment.

Publisher’s Note: Clean Cure is a nontraditional romance that contains elements that may be offensive to some readers: punishment, spanking, BDSM.

Review snippet:Two Lips Reviews:

(Rating: 4 Lips)

Clean Cure is a touching story that really brings to light the emotions and worries of the family members left behind to wait while a loved one is at war defending his country. The relationship between Nolan and Colleen is expressed in an eloquent beautiful manner. Desiree Erotique does a wonderful job of capturing Colleen's emotions regarding Nolan's return and his absence. The sexual chemistry is almost as strong as the emotions portrayed in this relationship. Clean Cure is a short story that will leave you feeling good and turned on too.

To learn more about Desiree, please visit:

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Destiny Blaine on The Romance Room blog!

Hello all,

Just wanted to post an active link to Destiny Blaine's A Christmas to Remember from publisher, Mardi Gras.


Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Christmas To Remember by Destiny Blaine

A web of deception is about to begin.

Follow the lives of Cassie and Corby Teller from the start as Cassie meets and decides to marry a NFL football superstar ready to give her everything she could ever want knowing the whole time he is buying her love.

A Christmas to Remember tells the story of love, friendship, and being able to have it all.

Unfortunately, what Cassie Teller perceives as having it all falls somewhere between the love she has for one man and the lust she has for another…

Here's an excerpt: ....... I realized my phone still had the speaker mic light on. Shit. I clicked the end button and hoped Corby had not just witnessed the whole sex romp with Steve. We both had been pretty vocal about what we wanted from the other one and there would be no denying the fact that we were sleeping together if Corby hadn’t hung up the phone on his end when we said good-night.

Tired from passion, exhausted by confusion and destined to sleep, I fell into bed and forgot about the phone.
In Cleveland though, it was a different story. Corby sat on the bed staring at the speaker phone. He had heard every whimper, every sexual request and every moan. He was motionless and angry. Most of all, he was hurt......:

A Christmas to Remember was recently reviewed by Romance at Heart Magazine ( ) and Rose said "It is sexy, fun, happy, sad, and altogether a very delightful romp and I suggest you go get a copy of A Christmas to Remember!"

Readers can buy the short story from Mardi Gras Publishing at

Stay tuned for info on Destiny Blaine's website, coming soon.

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Nikki Watson & MySpace

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Author Nikki Watson wanted to let you know how to find her on MySpace.