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Author, Linda Hubalek Presents MILLIE MARRIES A MARSHAL

Millie Marries a Marshal by Linda K. Hubalek

Millie Donovan, the mail-order bride in my romance book, Millie Marries a Marshal, plans to settle on the Kansas prairie with a homesteader. But, things went array when the groom dies before Millie gets there, leaving her penniless and not knowing a soul in a strange town. My writer’s mind went into overdrive when I matched Millie, an Irish immigrant’s daughter with the town marshal, Adam Wilerson.

I looked up the history of American mail-order brides on Wikipedia and this was their summary.
North American men found financial success in the migration west, but the one thing that was missing was the company of a wife. Very few women lived there at this time, so it was hard for these men to settle down and start a family.

They attempted to attract women living back East; the men wrote letters to churches and published personal advertisements in magazines and newspapers. In return, the women would write to the men and send them photographs of themselves. Courtship was conducted by letter, until a woman agreed to marry a man she had never met.

Many women wanted to escape their present way of living, gain financial security and see what life on the frontier could offer them. Most of these women were single, but some of them were widows, divorcees, or runaways.

A mail-order bride story can have so many scenarios, and I can see why they are a popular story line for anyone that likes to read historical or western romance books. I sure had fun writing it! Please read Rania Ropes a Rancher to start the Brides with Grit series, then follow with the second book, Millie Marries a Marshal.

Millie Marries a Marshal: A Historical Western Romance by Linda K. Hubalek
Brides with Grit Series: Book 2, debuted Nov 17, 2014

Book Blurb:

Mail-order bride Millie Donovan was looking forward to meeting Sam Larson, a Kansas homesteader, who she is sure, from reading his heartfelt letters, will provide her with the love and safety she wants and needs. Millie arrives on the train, not realizing that her husband-to-be was killed in an accident, until Clear Creek’s town marshal informs her of the situation.

Town Marshal Adam Wilerson never plans to marry due to his dangerous job. After reading letters found at his friend’s home following his untimely death which were sent from his friend’s mail-order bride, he can’t help thinking of the woman, and believes he may be in love with her himself. But instead of sending Millie on the train back to her former home, he finds himself welcoming her—and her two-year-old charge—into his house, and into his heart.

When danger threatens, Millie faces it head–on to protect the people she loves, including the town marshal.

Can Adam keep the peace in town—and his house—or will the man following Millie cause an uproar that will endanger them both, and ruin their chance of a life together?

Excerpt from Millie Marries a Marshal, 2014 copyright by Linda K. Hubalek

Jacob Adam couldn’t believe he was walking back from the Reagans, holding a high chair slung over his back with one hand and cradling a baby potty chair against his chest with the other. It was only a three-block walk from the pastor’s house to his, but he’d found more people on the street watching him pass like he was a parade. Dang that woman and her child. No, dang it for Sam dying and leaving him to take care of his new family.

Mrs. Reagan could have filled a wagon with all the things she thought Adam should take to Sam’s intended new son. Adam tried to tell her that Millie and the boy didn’t need all this stuff, but he wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs. Reagan wasn’t walking behind him with her six boys carrying more things to his house. He was the grand marshal of a potty parade, not the respected marshal of Clear Creek.

Finally reaching his front porch, Adam stomped up the porch steps and set the high chair down so he could open the door. He turned the door knob, flung the door open—and jumped a foot off the porch floor when the toddler streaked past him, screaming at the top of his lungs—and buck naked. Good golly, now what will the townspeople think of their marshal?

Adam stepped back, expecting Millie to run past him next to sprint after the kid. After a few seconds he looked inside his house and saw no one, but he could hear female voices in the backyard.

He looked back to follow the path of the boy and realized he wasn’t in sight. Adam bolted off the porch not bothering to use the steps, frantically searching for the kid as he jogged down the street. He hated to have people hear him calling for the kid—if Adam could remember his name—but he didn’t think the kid would answer anyway. The boy seemed almost scared of him, but then Adam was a stranger.

Adam closed his eyes, with relief, and embarrassment. The boy was standing in front of the mercantile, petting—no, more like slapping—Henry Barclay’s old dog, who always laid at his master’s feet while Henry and his old friend Homer Johnston sat on the bench outside the store. And of course there were another five people standing around laughing at the child’s antics because it was a busy Saturday morning, as people were coming into town to do their weekly shopping.

“Okay, fun’s over everyone. I think this runaway citizen needs to be rounded up and carted off.” Adam tried to be official about it, but that was hard to do when the kid shrieked at the top of his lungs and dodged out of Adam’s path again.

He scooped the child up on a run and kept jogging back to his house, trying to get out of sight of everyone on Main Street. Adam slowed to a walk when he reached his porch. Just as he reached for the door handle, he felt a warm liquid running down the side of his body. He jerked the toddler back to see a little stream coming from the boy’s front.

Oh great, I’ve just been peed on…

CONTEST ALERT!!! Linda will be giving away a digital copy of Millie Marries a Marshall to someone who comments. Be sure to include your email address in your comment for a chance to win.

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Linda Hubalek grew up on the Kansas prairie, always wanting to be a farmer like her parents and ancestors. After earning a college degree in Agriculture, marriage took Linda away from Kansas as her husband worked in engineering jobs in several states.

Meanwhile, Linda wrote about pioneer women that homesteaded in Kansas between 1854 to the early 1900s, especially her Swedish immigrant ancestors. Her historical fiction book series are Butter in the Well, Trail of Thread, Planting Dreams and the Kansas Quilter.

She also has a historical western romance series called Brides with Grit.

Linda and her husband finally returned back to Kansas, where they raised American buffalo (bison) for a dozen years.

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Don't Fence Me In: the Texas Fence-Cutter War

(photo with permission from Darius Norvilas)

Don’t Fence Me In: the Texas Fence-Cutter War

By Kathleen Rice Adams

I’m going to leave old Texas now.
They’ve got no use for the long-horn cow.
They’ve plowed and fenced my cattle range,
And the people there are all so strange.

I’ll take my horse and I’ll take my rope,
And hit the trail upon a lope.
Say adios to the Alamo,
And turn my head toward Mexico.

The hard, hard ground shall be my bed
And my saddle seat shall hold my head.
When I waken from my dreams
I’ll eat my bread and my sardines.

When I die, please bury me
In a narrow grave just six by three.
I’ll tell Saint Peter that I know
A cowboy’s soul ain’t white as snow.

Yet in that far-off cattle land
He sometimes acted like a man.

(Texas folksong, source obscure)

In the late 1860s and early 1870s, Texas saw a massive influx of former Confederates dispossessed by the Civil War and seeking a place to start over. Texas seemed like a good spot: The state offered plenty of open range and brimmed with feral cattle called longhorns. Many a man with nothing more than guts and grit built a fortune and a legacy by shagging longhorns from deep scrub and driving the tough, stubborn, nasty-tempered critters north to the railheads in Kansas and Nebraska. Others pushed herds to Montana and Wyoming to begin new lives where the West was even wilder.

Between 1866 and 1890, cowboys drove an estimated twelve million longhorns and one million horses north. A crew of twelve to twenty men could push a herd of 2,000 to 3,000 beeves about ten to fifteen miles a day, reaching Kansas railheads in three to four months.

The development of barbed wire in the mid-1870s—along with an incursion of sheepmen and farmers—put a crimp in the cattle drives by crisscrossing Texas’s wide-open spaces with miles and miles and miles of fence. To protect themselves and their herds from the yahoos who would use Texas range for something besides Texas cattle, wealthy ranchers strung wire around the land they owned or leased, often extending their fences across public land, as well. What once had been open range across which cowboys drove enormous herds of beef on the hoof became parceled off, causing no end of frustration and unfriendly behavior.

Fence-cutting began almost as soon as the first wire went up. Small confrontations over “the Devil’s rope” happened frequently, with wire-nipping taking place in more than half of Texas counties.

In 1883, the conflict turned deadly. Instead of merely cutting fences that got in the way during trail drives, bands of armed cowboy vigilantes calling themselves names like Owls, Javelinas, and Blue Devils destroyed fences simply because the fences existed. Fence-cutting raids usually occurred at night, and often the vigilantes left messages warning the fence’s owner not to rebuild. Some went so far as to leave coffins nailed to fenceposts or on ranchers’ porches. During one sortie, vigilantes cut nineteen miles of fence, piled the wire on a stack of cedar posts, and lit a $6,000 fire.

In response, cattlemen hired armed men to guard their wire…with predictable results. Clashes became more violent, more frequent, and bloodier. In 1883 alone, at least three men were killed in Brown County, a hotspot of fence-cutting activity, during what came to be known as the Texas Fence-Cutter War.

The bloodiest period of the Fence-Cutter War lasted for only about a year, but in that period damages from fence-cutting and range fires totaled an estimated $20 million—$1 million in Brown County alone.

Although politicians stayed well away from the hot-button issue for about a decade, in early 1884 the Texas legislature declared fence-cutting a felony punishable by a prison term of one to five years. The following year, the U.S. Congress outlawed stringing fence across public land. Together, the new laws ended the worst of the clashes, although the occasional fracas broke out in the far western portion of Texas into the early part of the 20th Century.

The Texas Rangers were assigned to stop several fence-cutting outbreaks, and being the Texas Rangers, they proved remarkably effective…with one notable exception. In February 1885, Texas Ranger Ben Warren was shot and killed outside Sweetwater, Texas, while trying to serve a warrant for three suspected fence-cutters. Two of the three were convicted of Warren’s murder and sentenced to life in prison.

In 1888, a brief resurgence of fence-cutting violence erupted in Navarro County, prompting famed Texas Ranger Ira Aten to place dynamite charges at intervals along one fence line. Aten’s method was a mite too extreme for the Texas Adjutant General, who ordered the dynamite removed. The mere rumor of the explosive’s presence brought fence-cutting to a rapid halt in the area, though.

In my debut novel Prodigal Gun, a barbed-wire fence touches off a war in the Texas Hill Country, bringing an infamous gunman to Texas for the first time since he left to fight for the Confederacy sixteen years earlier.

To celebrate the book’s release, I’ll give an e-copy in the winner’s choice of formats to one person who comments today!

Prodigal Gun
A dangerous man. A desperate woman. A love no war could kill.

Widowed rancher Jessie Caine buried her heart with the childhood sweetheart Yankees killed on a distant battlefield. Sixteen years later, as a Texas range war looms and hired guns arrive to pursue a wealthy carpetbagger’s agenda, Jessie discovers the only man she ever loved isn’t dead.

At least not yet.

Embittered by a brother’s betrayal, notorious gunman Calhoun is a dangerous man, come home to do an unsavory job. A bushwhacker’s bullet nearly takes his life on Jessie’s land, trapping him in a standoff between the past he tried to bury and the infamy he never will. One taste of the only woman he ever loved puts more than his life and her ranch in the crossfire.

With a price on his head, a debt to a wealthy employer around his neck, and a defiant woman tugging at his heart, Calhoun’s guns may not be enough to keep him from the grave. Caught between his enemies and hers, Jessie faces an agonizing choice: Which of her dreams will die?

Paperback will be available Thursday, Nov. 20

 Kathleen Rice Adams

A Texan to the bone, Kathleen Rice Adams spends her days chasing news stories and her nights and weekends shooting it out with Wild West desperados. Leave the upstanding, law-abiding heroes to other folks…even Kathleen’s good guys wear black hats.
Visit Kathleen on the web at:

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JoAnne Myers New Mystery Anthology

Hello, and thank you for having me back.
Give Away Alert!!!
I will be awarding two people who comment a PDF or paperback of their choice. The choices are: Murder Most Foul-a detective/mystery, Loves, Myths, and Monsters-a fantasy anthology, Wicked Intentions-a paranormal anthology, Flagitious- a crime/mystery anthology, The Crime of the Century-a biography true crime, Twisted Love:12 cases of love gone bad-a biography true crime anthology, and Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between.

Blurbs for “Flagitious” a four crime/mystery anthology

“Too Solve His Mother’s Murder”

After his Air Force career was interrupted by his mother’s untimely murder, Steven Moore, returned home. Met with a cold reception of lies, secrets, and threats, he is determined too find Wanda’s killer, even at the cost of his own life.  Was Wanda a victim of the legendary Hatchet Man? Was this loving and devoted mother killed because of her shady past, or for her inheritance?  Between finding the truth and falling in love, Steven stops at nothing, too solve his mother’s murder.

“The Other Couple’s Child”

Charlotte had it all. A loving and devoted husband. Supportive family and friends, and a house full of beautiful children. Everything was perfect for this Super Mom, until a medical procedure turns her life upside down, and spirals into a child abduction case. Time is running out. Will police arrive in time to save Charlotte and the other couple’s child?

“3381 Market Street”

Katherine Sims, a young widow working for a brokerage firm in a small southeastern town, is tired of the excuses concerning Charlie’s absence. She knows something terrible must have happened to her favorite nephew with the sad blue-eyes. After exposing the killer, Katherine’s life is turned upside down and she finds herself fighting for her life. Filled with maniacal suspects, a Satanic Cult, and danger around each corner, this story depicts one woman’s courage too avenge a child’s murder, while finding unexpected love.

“The Tarot Card Murders”

New Detective, and ex-navel man, twenty-six-year-old Nick Difozzio, returns to his small county determined too abolish crime. Not until death knocked on his door, did he know the face of evil. Will the decorated veteran destroy the Lycanthropes, or will he succumb to their murderess desires and become one of them? He took an oath too protect, honor, and uphold the law, but can he defy the lust, riches, and power offered, or are the ‘dark forces’ stronger than his will?

Excerpt from “3381 Market Street”: Leaning back against the side of the pool, Katherine stretched her long legs before closing her eyes. Suddenly, someone shoved her beneath the surface and held her there by her hair. Unable to breath, she scratched frantically at her foe’s arm until her attacker released her. Popping up from her watery grave, she gasped for air, her eyes stinging from the chlorine. Temporarily blind, an alert staff member pulled her from the pool. Choking, and spitting water, she said, “Someone tried to drown me.”
Looking about, the employee said, “Miss, there’s no one else here.”
“What about the mother and daughter I talked to?”
“What mother and daughter? The only other women here are with a group of senior citizens. They meet here every week for water exercises. It helps their arthritis.”
“Where’s Officer Schumacher? I’m leaving now,” she said, stomping to her room.
Once inside her suite, she telephone Greg, but got his answering machine instead. Believing Jessie was behind the attack, she grabbed her suitcase and frantically packed. That was not to be. Elaine Moser tackled her from behind out of the closet, and began to strangle her. Unable to release Elaine’s grip, Katherine ripped a button from her swimsuit. Using it as a weapon, she sliced Elaine’s face with one hand, and followed with a hard-fisted, round-house punch with the other.
Frantic and breathing heavily, Katherine ran to the door, but found it double bolted. Suddenly, a knife flew at her and stuck in the door, narrowly missing her head. She turned on her heel and ran onto the balcony, screaming for help. Yanking the knife out of the door, Elaine charged at her a second time. Katherine leaped aside and Elaine plummeted over the railing, falling three stories.

Author Bio:

JoAnne has been a long-time resident of southeastern Ohio, and worked in the blue-collar industry most of her life. Besides having seven novels under her belt, JoAnne canvas paints. When not busy with hobbies or working outside the home, JoAnne spends time with relatives, her dog Jasmine, and volunteers her time within the community.
JoAnne is a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild, Savvy Authors, Coffee Time Romance, Paranormal Romance Guild, True Romance Studios, National Writers Association, the Hocking Hill's Arts and Craftsmen Association, The Hocking County Historical Society and Museum, and the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center.  
JoAnne believes in family values and following your dreams. Her original canvas paintings, can be found at:

Other books by JoAnne:

"WICKED INTENTIONS" a paranormal/mystery anthology
"LOVES', MYTHS' AND MONSTERS'," a fantasy anthology
"THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY," a biography true-crime
"TWISTED LOVE," a true-crime anthology
“MURDER MOST FOUL,” a detective/mystery

Contact JoAnne:


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Interview with Barbara Bradley

Please Welcome Barbara Donlon Bradley

Barbara Donlon Bradley’s writing started innocently enough, she kept diaries, journals, and wrote an occasional letter but her vivid imagination had her writing scenes and short stories, adding characters to her favorite shows and comic books. As time went on the passion for writing became too strong to ignore. Humor dominates her life. Write something deep and dark, will never happen. That humor bleeds into her writing. Since she can’t beat it she’s learned to use it to her advantage. Now she lives in Tidewater Virginia with two cats, one mother in law – whose 87 now, her husband and son.


What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
I guess that would be taekwondo. I have a third degree in this martial art.

What adventure would you like to have that you haven’t done yet if money and skill were no problem?
I would love to go to Ireland and Australia. My family (the Donlon side) is from Ireland and I would love to see where we came from. My husband has family in Australia and we would love to go there.

Who are some of your favorite authors?  What commonality do you see in them?
I love JoAnna Lindsey and Katherine Woodiwiss. They write very strong characters that are believable.

I believe color says something about a person’s personality.  What’s your favorite color?

If you could have a do-over life, what one thing would you do differently?  What would you do again?
Hmm, when I was in college I had a chance to buy into a new company called HBO (does that show how long ago that was?). I never got the chance to do that and have wondered what would have happened if I had so I think I would change that. What I would do all over again is marry my husband and have our son. They are so important to me I can’t see my life without them.

What is your writing process from conception to finished MS? I write linear. Not real sure why but I start at the beginning and work my way to the end then go back and fill in the blanks until the book is ready for submission.

Are you a planner, panster or both? I consider myself a panster because my stories are character driven. They tell me what to write so to speak and I do most of my plotting in my head.

How did you research for your book? I write SF/futuristic erotic romance so I do more world building than research, but there is a lot of world building needed when you have your characters interact with aliens.

What is your all-time favorite movie?  TV show? I have several movies, ID4 and the Star Trek franchise movies. I think the newest ones are my favorite. My favorite TV shows are the Addams Family, Star Trek again, and my newest favorite is Grimm. Just love that show.

How important do feel writing workshops are to any writer? I feel they are very important. You can always learn something from a good workshop.

If you could learn one new skill, fear and money no deterrent, what would it be? I’d like to learn how to make jewelry. There are some pieces I have in my head that I would love to create.

If you had a million dollars to donate to any one charity, what would it be? Oh boy, can’t spread it around? Feeding our starving. We spend so much money feeding other countries and we need to take care of our own.

What advice would you like to give to an aspiring writer? Write every day. No matter how tired you are or how much you have to do. It’s so easy to let other things get in the way of writing and never finish that book.

Did anyone mentor you or help you along the way?  Please tell us about your mentor and what you feel they contributed to your writing career. I was lucky to belong to one of RWA’s local chapters, the Chesapeake Romance Writers when I first started writing. I learned the basics with them and found my publisher through them.

What is the best advice anyone ever gave you? Never give up. Writing is a lonely job and not everyone will like your work, but don’t let that get to you.

If you could live anywhere in the world you wanted to, where would it be? (Language is no barrier) I’m quite happy living in the United States. I was lucky enough to be a navy brat and we got to move all over the country. We have a beautiful country with lots to see.

Where do you write? Believe it or not I sit in my recliner in front of the TV in the living room. I know a lot of writers lock themselves away from everyone and in the beginning I tried that, but my then young son kept barging in on me asking if it was okay to talk to me or my husband would ask me if I was done yet. So I talked my husband into letting me get a laptop so I could be a little more assessable. Now that’s my way. TV blaring doesn’t bother me. I can tune it and the family out when I need to but I’m with them and it keeps them from interrupting me a thousand times in a night.

How much time do you devote to writing each week?  Do you have a day every week that you take off? I write every day. Because I edit for a small house I actually set side one day just for me to write, not dividing my time between edits, promoting and writing, plus caring for my mother-in-law, husband and son and working part time. I live for that day.

What is a genre that you have not attempted that you would like to try? Umm, I’ve written an historical, a time travel, or two, several sf/futuristics and a contemporary, plus fantasies. I honestly can’t think of any I haven’t done that I want to do.

Is there anything you would like readers to know about you? Like what? I’m slightly bananas? Humor rules my life? I just heard that I sold book eight of the Vespian Way to Phaze and I’m doing the happy dance?


Stolen Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley
Released July, 2014 from Phaze Books
Sci-fi Romance, Paranormal/Shifters

When Heather is confronted with her time traveling self she fears the worse. The woman came to warn them of a terrible accident but something isn’t right. The visitors her future self says are there to help only wants to kidnap her and kill her mate.
Using her mind she tries to protect her friends and family. Yet she wakes up as a prisoner after seeing the ship Storm is in blow up. She is now alone, and trapped.
Somehow she has to figure out a way home and hopefully reverse all the horrible things that have taken her family from her.


Heather sighed as she opened her eyes and stretched. Before she could move she felt a warm hand on her breast.
“I see you’re awake.” Storm’s breath brushed against her cheek.
She looked up at her mate, who had a knowing smile on his face. “And I see you are awake too.” She was referring to the erection pressed against her hip.
“True, but I can’t help it when I have such a wonderful partner lying beside me.” Storm nibbled against her throat. “We still have time before we need to be anywhere.”
“Why didn’t you wake me earlier?” She smiled as he settled himself between her thighs. “You could have had all the time you want if you had.”
“Because the twins aren’t allowing you to get enough sleep yet. I don’t mind watching you sleep when I know you need it. It gives me time to appreciate having you in my life.” He dipped his head to her mark. “And waking you up this way is an anticipation I look forward to. I don’t mind stretching that out a little.”
“Because you know what will happen when I wake.”
“That is the best part.”
She felt him smile against her neck as he pulled the soft tissue of her mark into his mouth before he worked his way down her body.
“You are incorrigible.”
“And that is why I’m your heart.” His tongue lathed her nipple before drawing the tip into his mouth. She arched up against him and he slipped his hands under her.
A growl escaped him when they were interrupted by the computer system. “Heather, you have a communiqué from Admiral Barrister.”
She sighed again. This time in frustration. What did he want now?
“The last time he contacted us you ended up being whipped.” Storm blew against the tip before he climbed back up her body. “I’m inclined to not let you answer him.”
“Storm, I’m still part of Earth’s security.” She looked up at him, his face only inches above hers. “I can’t ignore him.”