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Kirsten Lynn

                                          Kirsten Lynn

Kirsten Lynn writes stories based on the people and history of the West, more specifically those who live in the shadow of the Bighorn Mountains. Combing her love of the West and the military, her stories often merge these two halves of her heart. When she’s not roping, riding and rabble-rousing with the cowboys and cowgirls who reside in her endless imagination, Kirsten helps preserve the history of Northwest Wyoming working as a curator at a local museum.
Kirsten is thrilled to be a part of Prairie Rose Publications.!
It’s a blessing when work feels like play and play feels like an adventure!
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What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? 
Isn’t this why I write so I can live vicariously through my characters? J  Seriously, my adventures are common to many; moving to a different place and starting a new life type of undertakings, or the simple joys of trekking around the Bighorns or Tetons and visiting historical sites. Sorry, no K2 mountain climbing or reenacting Evel Knievel jumping the Grand Canyon for me.
What adventure would you like to have that you haven’t done yet if money and skill were no problem?
I would love the opportunity to travel out of the States. My goal is to visit Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and South Africa.
Who are some of your favorite authors?  What commonality do you see in them? 
Of course there are the classics the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen. Then I have to start with Julie Garwood. It was her book “The Gift” that started me on the road of reading romance. Boy I hate to mention any others, because I know I’ll miss some, but Gem Sivad, Stacey Kayne, Elaine Levine, Cheryl Pierson and so many others including my sister authors at Prairie Rose. I chose these because they were some of the first authors who influenced my writing.
What is shared with all these authors is the ability to write characters with whom readers become invested and who stay in a reader’s heart long after the book is closed.
I believe color says something about a person’s personality.  What’s your favorite color?
My favorite color is green. It’s such a cool and calming color. It represents new life and hope IMHO. 
If you could have a do-over life, what one thing would you do differently?  What would you do again?
About the only thing I can think of that I might do differently is I would enlist in the military. But I’m not sure about that, I try not to play the “what if” and “if only” game and focus on the “what can I do now and in the future.”  I would do everything over again. Even those things and situations I thought were wasted, looking back I can see how each built on the other to get me to where I am today.
What is your writing process from conception to finished MS?
I can’t say I have much of process. Characters start talking to me and I get their story down pretty fast ignoring most of the rules and just getting it down while they’re talking. Then I go back and layer where needed and do any editing.
Are you a planner, panster or both?  I am a panster of the highest order. About the only planning I might do is if a secondary character pipes up and starts telling their story, I will start taking a few notes to get the basics down.  Other than that, I’m flying by the seat of my pants and I let the story unfold as if it were the characters sitting in front of me giving me their oral history.
How did you research for your book?
I’m very fortunate that my stories take place in regions where I’ve lived or currently reside, so research is at my fingertips.  I’m also a naval and western historian so a lot of my research has been information I discovered while working my day jobs and contacts made through my jobs that are generous with their time and expertise.
What is your all-time favorite movie?  TV show?
Hmmm, this is a hard one because it depends on my mood. I love a good laugh so “The Princess Bride” is a favorite. And a good period piece is hard to beat two of my favorites being “Lady Jane,” and “North and South” (both the Civil War miniseries and the movie based on the Elizabeth Gaskell book).  Of course there’s always room for a Western and I never get tired of “Rooster Cogburn.”
            TV shows…Justified, Grimm, and NCIS come to mind and I am so looking forward
            August and the beginning of the series based on Diana Gabaldon’s, “Outlander.”
(The answer to this question is subject to change daily depending on mood and memory)  J
How important do feel writing workshops are to any writer?
Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend any workshops to date, but I think conventions and workshops are important in any field. For writers, I think these opportunities would be even more essential since writing is such a solitary occupation attending a workshop would offer a chance to meet others in the field and feel less isolated while learning more about the trade.
When I first started writing, I took advantage of a few online workshops and found the information invaluable to someone just starting out on this journey.

If you could learn one new skill, fear and money no deterrent, what would it be?
 I’ve always wanted to learn Krav Maga.
If you had a million dollars to donate to any one charity, what would it be?
That’s a hard one. I already support a few charities so choosing between them would be a difficult choice. I’d have to say Fisher House (provides housing to military families while their loved ones are hospitalized).

What advice would you like to give to an aspiring writer?
It’s an oldie but a goodie: Finish your first draft!  I always love the quote by Nora Roberts “You can fix anything but a blank page.”
Did anyone mentor you or help you along the way?  Please tell us about your mentor and what you feel they contributed to your writing career.
I was blessed with amazing people willing to help out a newbie and cheer me on. First, I have to give credit to the wonderful ladies at Seekerville (it’s a blog site and I encourage everyone to check it out no matter what genre you write). These women were the first authors I met on my journey and they provided so much information and encouragement. They read some of the first words I ever put to paper and didn’t hold back with the critiques. 
Then I met another great group of ladies at Petticoats and Pistols who turned from just names on a blog to friends and colleagues. And last but certainly not least, Cheryl Pierson and Kathleen Rice Adams who encouraged (read pushed me off the cliff) to submit to Prairie Rose Publications and see my dreams come true. 

What is the best advice anyone ever gave you?
The worst they can say is “no.” 
If you could live anywhere in the world you wanted to, where would it be?  (Language is no barrier)
I’m living there, Wyoming. I’ve lived in many other places, but there really is no place like home.
Where do you write? 
I write at home. I have a big comfy chair in the living room and I snuggle in and get to typing.
How much time do you devote to writing each week?  Do you have a day every week that you take off?
Because I have day jobs, my writing time is limited to the nighttime. I usually write about three to four hours a night. I don’t have a certain day I take off. The thing I love most about writing is it’s my freedom, so there might be a day or two that I won’t write but most of the time I can’t wait to sit down and start visiting with my characters.
What is a genre that you have not attempted that you would like to try?
My very first manuscripts were romantic suspense. I would like to go back and edit those, see if they can’t see the light of day and maybe write a few more in that genre. I’d also like to try a paranormal either historical or contemporary.
Is there anything you would like readers to know about you?
I can’t believe I didn’t start writing when I was two, but I’m thrilled I started when I did and now I’m able to share my stories with readers. I’m in love with the characters who gift me with their stories, and I hope readers will fall in love with them, too.

Kirsten Lynn will be giving away an e-book copy of  LASSOING A GROOM  to one lucky commenter. Be sure to include your email address as contact for a chance to win


By: Kirsten Lynn

 He’s in town to tame a man-killer. She’s accused of being one. When she proposes marriage the race is on.

            Desperate to save her family ranch, Josie Allison, signs up for a bride race then begs a cowboy to put his John Hancock down to catch her. Marrying a man you don’t know is crazy, but there’s something about this cowboy that makes Josie want to trust him with her land and maybe even her heart. And Josie knows marrying a man you do know can be twice as loco.   
            Cal Renner came to Sheridan, Wyoming for one thing: ride the horse known as a man-killer and use the purse money to buy his own ranch. When a woman proposes to him five minutes after his feet touch Sheridan dirt, he’s sure a Wyoming asylum is missing a patient. But when she turns those summer green eyes his way the promise of a family to go with that ranch is too hard to resist.  
            When secrets are revealed and enemies join the race, Cal and Josie will have to learn to trust each other because the race to the altar has turned into the race for their hearts.

Setup:  Josie Alison has just signed her name for a Bride Race at a Wild West Show in Sheridan, Wyoming. She is scanning the cowboys signing up for events when she literally runs into Cal Renner.
“Ma’am? You all right?”
Her head tipped, but her eyes hated to leave the broad chest covered in red chambray… until they connected with skin almost teak from being in the sun so long, a strong square chin, and chiseled cheekbones. But all was forgotten when eyes so black she could see her reflection in them bored into her, and a black eyebrow hitched in question.
Her mouth opened and closed, but Josie didn’t hear any sound—and obviously, neither did Mr. Iron Chest, as the other eyebrow joined its mate.
“Fine.” She sucked in a breath through her tightening corset.
He thumbed back his hat and his mouth curved in a slow smile. “Too bad, I was kinda lookin’ forward to rescuin’ ya.”
Her own smile joined his, and her senses returned on the tail of his good humor. “I could faint, if that would help, Mr.—” She raised a brow in an imitation of his earlier gesture.
His smile stretched. “Cal Renner. Miss—” He cocked an eyebrow again.
“Josie Allison.”
They stood there eyeing each other as slow heat followed the path his eyes traced as they trailed up her body from boots to the top of the plume in the ridiculous hat she purchased for the occasion. She was hidden under layers of clothes, but Josie knew, without a doubt, this man had just seen her without a stitch.
“Nice to meet ya, Miss Allison. I hate to leave…” His gaze passed over her again. “I surely do, at that. But I’ve gotta get my name down.”
He tipped his hat and took a step.
“Mr. Renner, would you marry me?”

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TracyG said...

Hi, Kirsten! I loved Race to Marry! Congratulations--I'm so glad you heeded the advice of your mentors and plunged off that cliff.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

It's so wonderful to have you here, Kirsten. I enjoyed reading your answers. I feel I know so much more about you.
I've been to Wyoming and it's such a beautiful state, that I put all my westerns there. It's a little more difficult for me since I have to research for my stories. I can see why you like calling it home.
I'm still reading the stories in the summer anthologies. I haven't read yours yet, but I am really looking forward to it.
What is Krav Maga?
Thank you for allowing me to interview you, Kirsten. It's been a pleasure.

Unknown said...

Howdy, Rustler! Imagine my distress when one of the first things to grace my line of sight this morning was your lawless face. Gonna be one of those days, I guess. ;-)

On a more serious note, I am so glad we finally shoved you off that cliff. Might have been a tad easier if you hadn't grabbed every piece of scrub you could snatch on the way down, but hey -- we love a challenge around these parts. :-D

"Race to Marry" is an excellent story, with all the humor and heart you put into everything you do. Get busy submitting more, young'un! You have a rare talent. Put it to good use! :-)


Kristy McCaffrey said...

Wonderful interview! I too was a big Julie Garwood fan back in the day. Her scottish historicals influenced me so much that when my second child was born I gave him the middle name of Duncan.

You're so lucky to live near the Bighorns and the Tetons. Such beautiful places. I wouldn't want to move either.

"Lady Jane"--you mean the one with Helena Bonham Carter, right? I was in love with that movie. I still quote a line from it even today. "And the soul takes flight to the world that is invisible, and there arriving finds bliss." So sad at the end. I had the great opportunity in my college years to visit England and see the spot where she was beheaded at the Tower of London. Very sobering.

And, along with Sarah, I would also like to know what the heck Krav Maga is.

Have a great day!

Kirsten Lynn said...

Thanks so much, Tracy! I'm so glad you enjoyed "Race To Marry" It's one of those stories that just took flight after reading an old newspaper article.

Thanks for stopping by!


Kirsten Lynn said...


Thank YOU for interviewing me and allowing me to share a bit about myself.

When I was growing up in Wyoming, I took it for granted and couldn't wait to get out. What an idiot I was. Now that I've made it back, my feet are stuck. Most of my westerns take place here, too, but I also use Montana since I lived there for years and fell in love with the area.

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial arts.

Thank you, again!


Kirsten Lynn said...

LOL, Tex! I know how it feels waking up to this face...kinda scary I'll agree. ;)

It's a hard pill to swallow being beholden to a Texan, but I have to give you a big ol' thanks for shoving me off the cliff then stepping on my fingers when I tried to hold on. :)

Seriously, I think all the rejections were just leading me to the perfect publisher, Prairie Rose.

Believe me I've been submitting until I'm sure Cheryl is about to change her email. And I'm currently giving a final read through to the sequel to HOME FIRES and will be sending that along shortly.

Thanks and big HUGS!!


Kirsten Lynn said...


Yes, that LADY JANE! I was obsessed with that movie and still am. I love Cary Elwes. And I'll admit to ugly crying every time I watch.

I love my mountains and I'm glad the characters who talk to me love them, too, and choose to settle here. :)

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial arts used by Special Forces throughout the world.

Thanks for stopping by, Kristy!


Gem Sivad said...

Great interview and great book. Love learning more about a fellow author.

Kirsten Lynn said...


Thanks so much for stopping by and your endless support!

@Everyone: Gem's amazing Eclipse Heat series were some of the stories that greatly influenced me to write historical westerns. Highly recommend!


Cindy Nord said...

Wonnnderful interview, ya ol' Rustler! And so thrilled for you. You've got a gob o' great love stories to tell, so get thee to thy computer & keep typing.


~ Owl

aka Cindy Nord

Kirsten Lynn said...

Thanks so much, Owl!! And from a woman who knows how to write a love story...I'm blushing. :)

I'm typing, I'm typing...

Rustler (Kirsten)

Renaissance Women said...

Loved this story...loved all the stories in this collection. The creativity and skill of everyone makes me the lucky recipient. Keep the flow going Kristen and thanks Sarah for letting us know more. Doris

Kirsten Lynn said...

Thank you Doris! I'm so glad you enjoyed "Race to Marry."


Rain Trueax said...

I enjoy interviews by authors. This was a good one. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the country. I've thought of moving there but with kids in Oregon, that won't happen; so I enjoy it vicariously through pictures, what others write, and once in awhile a trip :)

Alison said...

Oh, LADY JANE, I remember that book well ;-) I wish I had known you wanted to learn Krav Maga. Pikesville has several studios, and they sometimes offer free intro classes (John and I took one once). Something we can do when you visit your old friends back east - hint, hint.

As always, I'm so happy that took the chance to follow your dreams, and that you've found success!

Kirsten Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by Rain! I've lived in other states, but I'm thrilled to be back in Wyoming. I understand wanting to be close to family though, it was one of the reasons I moved back.


Kirsten Lynn said...

LOLOLOL, Alison! Yes, your opinion of LADY JANE is very different from mine. :)

Well shoot, I wish I would have mentioned wanting to take Krav Maga while I was out there. It would have been fun to take it with someone.

And yes, we'll have to give it a go when I make it back east. (I got the hint)

Thanks so much for all your support from the very beginning!


Cheryl Pierson said...

Kirsten! I made it! LOL Boy, it has been one of those days here. Anyhow, I just wanted to say how truly humbled I am to read that I'm one of your favorite writers...right alongside Stacey Kayne, who I love both as an author and as a friend. WOW.

And of course, Tex and I HAD to push you off the cliff cause you weren't budging a bit! LOL I loved all your answers. I agree with so many of them, I was sitting there nodding my head as I was reading. LOL

We're so glad to have you with us at PRP! I will be starting your edits next month. It's gonna be GREAT!


Kirsten Lynn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Cheryl. I'm sorry, I just noticed your comment. Sounds like we're having the same kind of day.

Of course you'd be listed among my favorites! FIRE EYES alone would put you there, but then you just had to keep churning out the great stories. :)

I'm so thankful you and Tex took the hardline and I truly feel like I found a home with PRP.

Can't wait to get the edits and start straightening out those wild characters. :)


Kaye Spencer said...


I'm sure I sound like that old broken record, but I'm so enjoying these interviews with my sister Roses.

So glad to get to know you better.


Kirsten Lynn said...

I agree, Kaye, it's been so fun learning all about the Roses. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Unknown said...

Kirsten-I'm so sorry I'm late getting to your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed your interviews--these are wonderful because we get to peek into someone's life that we barely know. I now know more about you, and have loved every bit.
Congratulations on your releases and hope you'll have continuing success.

Kirsten Lynn said...

Thanks so much, Celia. I agree it's been interesting getting a deeper look into the lives of other authors.

So glad you stopped by, and thanks so much for your support.