Monday, December 1, 2014


By Beverly Wells

     Have you ever wondered why a writer writes what she or he does? I’m sure there are a multitude of various reasons depending on the writer. I believe it’s all in our makeup and how we perceive life. I for one enjoy reading and writing about the past, be it Medieval, Regency, Civil War, or just days gone by. I especially have a thirst of the west back in the 1800’s. Just think of all the hardships they faced back then. Of course they didn’t miss dishwashers, microwaves, internet, and easier modes of transportation, etc.—all the niceties we have today—yet they dealt with what they had at the time and did amazingly very well. And yes, we still have difficulties and feats that we must meet in our present everyday life, but just think about the hardships our ancestors faced. I’m sure we could’ve done it, but whew. 

     So I’m drawn to write about those brave and determined people of that era. It was also a time when women fought for independence and a proper place in society, to make a good home and value their families and friends. The men were tough, rough and oh so very masculine. Oh, did I say I love those macho western guys? What woman can’t get carried away by them? Oh my…sigh.

     Besides writing about the past, I love the research. You never know what you’ll find when looking up all the information—well, an author has to research in order to make sure they have it right. Right? And the last thing I enjoy about writing historical romance is adding either a lesson learned, or covering a topic to raise awareness to an important issue. That’s what I’ve tried to do in my historical romance, All For Love

     So please, come along now and get a taste of  Lorelei’s upheavals, twists and turns as she battles to make Toleman, Wyoming a better town. And by gosh, if she just might find a love true and strong by Christmas. Enjoy!   


     All For Love released Sept. 18, 2014  by my new publisher, Prairie Rose Publications and I'm delighted to be part of their team of devoted and outstanding authors. If you read my first Historical Romance Only When the Loon Sings, you already know I write humorous, sensuous love stories, but I also included raising awareness of ALS. All For Love deals with domestic  violence, yet is filled with a wagon load of laughs and a few bales of tears, while your heart will be left deeply touched and full of joy...I hope you come along for the wild ride. Below is the blurb. . .  
            Feisty, outspoken schoolmarm Lorelei Webster—better known as Miss Neb-nose by many—is determined to stop the neglect and abuse in Toleman, Wyoming. And if it means raising havoc such as the town has never known and deterring any man’s attraction to her, so be it. But when faced with the compelling task of righting the wrongs in the handsome, new doctor’s life, she desires much more than merely cleansing his wounded soul.
            Reserved and dedicated to medicine, Doctor Seth Taylor has resigned himself to be content with his practice and a peaceful, uncomplicated life. Nothing more. But when the irritating Miss Webster stirs up memories he’s long tried to bury, his complacent world tilts off kilter. Forced to accept her help in saving a youngster’s life, Seth finds he must deal with his dark haunting past before he can ever hope for more…But can he?

Toleman, Wyoming 1886
            The well-aimed object impacted dead-center between Lorelei Webster’s shoulder blades. Knife-piercing pain stabbed deep as flames sizzled across her skin. Its bite didn't begin to match her humiliation, or the warning behind the insulting attack. Braking her foot on the first step up to the walkway, she fought to catch her breath. And inhaled the odor of tomato.
            Whoops of male laughter pierced the stifling air, triggering tears to cloud her vision. Juice oozed through her cotton blouse and across her tingling skin as a chunk of pulp plopped to the ground. She wished the steps would open so she could sink below. Refusing further disgrace, she sniffed back the sudden weakness, raised her chin and squared her shoulders.
            Unmannered, ignorant bastards. All of them
            "Take that Miss Neb-nose,” Sam Ahearns bellowed from across the street. “That's what we think of your damn meddlin'." Raucous mirth rose from the others gathered with him.
            “Yeah, maybe now ya’ll know to keep yer unwanted snoot outta affairs that don’t involve ya,” Andy Piedmont’s voice thundered worse than she’d ever heard.
            Oh my, I’ve riled them but good this time. One, two…She silently counted to ten, striving for any kind of dignity she could muster. Don’t let them see your distress. You’re right in doing what you believe in. You are! Would her wide-brimmed bonnet hide her anxious face?
            Gathering courage, she held her back taut to brace against another assault and lifted her foot to the next step. She focused on her original destination, yet the bank seemed a mile away. If her rubbery knees did not fail her, maybe she could make it inside with a smidgeon of poise.
            “Okay you men, break it up.” Michael Pearson’s voice had never sounded so good. “You’ve had your fun, done enough harm for one day. Get moving before I lock you up for roughing up the lady.”
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About Beverly Wells
For years Beverly Wells worked a hectic pace as a Public Health Nurse in Homecare while serving on the Medical Reserve Corps for Homeland Security. Little did she know when she decided to escape from reality and try a write a historical romance it would set another whirlwind to swirling. With the help and guidance of RWA, her local writing chapter LCRW and many rewrites, the award-winning author now devotes her full time to making writing her career. “It’s my new chapter in my life and I’m lovin’ it.”

Living with her own hero and rescued dog Jamie in the Finger Lakes Region of NYS, she enjoys writing humorous, sensuous Historical Westerns while including a lesson learned or raising awareness of a heartfelt issue. Her debut novel Only When the Loon Sings published by TWRP has captivated readers far and wide. Her second book, All For Love, published by Prairie Rose Publications is sure to follow suit. She’s busy finishing her third.

For more information regarding Bev, visit her at Prairie Rose Publications author page, her website, FB, twitter, blog or gmail her She’d love to hear from you.


Roz Murphy said...

Bev, while I'm not a fan of historical romance in general, I'm always impressed with your novels! Congrats not only on the publication of All for Love, but on your inclusion in a large anthology of well-known romance writers. What's the name of the anthology again? It's slipped my memory...

Congratulations on all your well-earned successes!

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I am a huge fan of historical novels. I know the work that goes into one and the inevitable hours of research it takes to write a believable and enticing story that took place in a time before the author was on the earth.
I wish you every success and happiness, Bev.

Beverly Wells author said...

Roz, thanks so much for joining me today and your lovely comments. As always any praise from a fellow author is gold. So thanks again. As for the 2 Boxed sets of Western Romance novels, one is A Cowboy's Heart and the other A Cowboy's Brand. Wonderful stories that will make you laugh, sigh and touch your heart. Great reads by some outstanding authors. Available now on Amazon. Wishing you the best always.

Beverly Wells author said...

Sarah, first of all I want to say a big thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be on this blog. It was just so much fun. And as for your wishing me success--the world seems so might brighter now that I'm part of Prairie Rose Publications and believe me when I say I value all the help and feedback all of you authors have given me so far. You're all extremely talented and warm and caring, and so enthusiastic that it rubs off on us newbies coming up the line. Thank you again, but be prepared for the future when I pick your brain or some of the others when it comes to clarifying western lingo and terms, etc.. Ya gotta remember, I'm a NY girl and yes I have to look up everything western to make darn sure I have it right. Thanks again for being a wonderful host. Wishing you much success in the future also.

Tanya Hanson said...

hi Beverly, great post. Don't you just love the little tidbits you find when you're researching something else? Keeps the past alive and the brain active. Best wishes on the terrific sounding story.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Bev, I live in North Carolina. I have to look up everything about Wyoming, but luckily, I have been there. We're the only Easterners I think, but we also have one English author.
As far as cowboy lingo, I learned some when I lived in Nebraska, but I use a reference book drom Writer's Digest titled, Cowboy Lingo (no kidding)by Ramson F. Adams. I love just reading it. The only lingo I can do naturally is a Southern drawl.
The Roses are a very helpful bunch, You lucked up there. It's a great publishing company and growing by leaps and bounds.
You're welcome for anything I can do for you.

Beverly Wells author said...

Tanya, thanks so much for stopping over. And yes, I love delving into the past. And I find all sorts of new tidbits of info that maybe I should have known but never did, or maybe forgot. All so very fascinating. At times I feel as if I must have lived in the past because things seem so right and familiar when I read about them. Who knows. I poured my heart into All For Love--of course all of us when we get those delightful characters on the screen. Wishing you much success also. Love your stories. Keep them coming.

Beverly Wells author said...

Sarah, WOW! Thanks so much sharing that title. I will get me a copy pronto. I've visited Texas and Nevada several times and absolutely loved both. And gosh there is just so much history in the western states that I still must explore. The wild west and those rough, tough cowboys have always had a place in my heart, but I don't have the nitty gritty like the people who grew up there, but I'm slowly learning and relishing all the facts that I read about. It's just so much fun. I'm hoping to visit Montana in the near future by train and that will be a true adventure. And yes, The Roses are a super group of ladies that I'm proud to be a part of. Everyone has been more than helpful and generous with all their feedback. I am truly blessed to be part of such a great team. Thanks for again hosting me and commenting. Best wishing to you always.

Unknown said...

Hello Beverley, great excerpt and cover. I love historical romance. The clothing is so romantic. All the best with your writings.

Beverly Wells author said...

JoAnne, Thank you so much for your comments and glad you liked the excerpt and cover. If you love historical romance, I hope enjoy All for Love. I put my heart and soul into this one. I'd love to hear back from you if read it. I love comments afterwards from readers. It lets me know what you really felt by the end. I'm giving away a free e book or a print copy if you prefer, so please come back and comment and leave your email address for me if you'd like to be included and I'll send you a message if you win. Or if you have a facebook let me know and I'll face book you and then go from there. Thanks again for joining me. Wishing you the best also.

Beverly Wells author said...

And the winner is JoAnne Myers. Congratulations, JoAnne. I certainly hope you enjoy Lorelei's wild time and Seth's mighty downfall.
And again a big thank you to Sarah McNeal for hosting me on The Romance Room. It was just so much fun.