Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our first guest author!

Hello everyone,

Our first guest author in The Romance Room is Bonnie Clarke! She has a new release out this month from Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid. Here's the cover & a little about her book.

The Wrong Man

Deception, greed, and even the violent forces of nature couldn't keep them apart...
Cade Kildare was wild, untamable, sexy as hell, and definitely the wrong man for her.

Why couldn't Avia Rockwell just forget him and make the right marriage her father wanted for her?

If he never set eyes on that stubborn, infuriating piece of baggage again, Cade would be perfectly happy. Or would he? A determined bachelor, he didn't want any part of a proper young woman from a good family. The trouble was, Avia was not at all proper, and he knew it better than anyone. Yes, he should have never played with fire, but now that he was burned, he was addicted...

From the serene vineyards of Northern California's wine country to the catastrophe of the San Francisco earthquake, two lovers battle each other and the evil forces bent on tearing them apart

5 Angels
"I loved this book so much that it took my breath away for Bonnie Clarke did a remarkable job in bringing so much love, sadness and heartache to two people."
Lena C. Fallen Angel Reviews

For more info or to buy, visit:

Thanks for sharing, Bonnie!



Cheri Valmont said...

Hey Bonnie!

I really do love that cover! Did Jinger do it?


Bonnie Clarke said...

Hey Cheri!

Yes, Jinger did that cover, and I must say that woman is amazing. I am thrilled she did the art for both of my books for WCPT. :)

Bon ;)

Cheri Valmont said...

Hey Bon,

She did mine, too. Both of them & I love them. I can't wait to see what she'll come up with for my next one called, When Lightning Strikes. I'll bet she has a ball with it.