Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Torrid Teaser Volume 21

Hello everyone!

Today is my turn for the LUST Anthology author spotlight. I've decided to put up the one I have coming out February 1st!

Torrid Teaser Volume 21 has two stories. Sex Machine by me & Her Alien Lover by Michelle Marquis. Here's the cover & a little about the stories. Enjoy!!!

Torrid Teaser Volume 21 Sex Machine by Cheri Valmont & Her Alien Lover by Michelle Marquis

Sex Machine by Cheri Valmont

If android technician, Teena Andrenas doesn't find a mate before she turns thirty, she’ll be forced to take one. When she gets the chance to repair one of the legendary Zand pleasure ‘droids he offers her one thing she cannot resist: the chance to meet the man responsible for creating the famous ‘droids, and the first Zand pleasure ‘droid ever designed.
When the intriguing Teena invades Zand Gorsend’s office, he is amused by her mistaken impression. Amusement soon turns to passion, when, during her ‘observation’ of him, the two end up in each other’s arms.
Can Zand convince Teena he is real, and meant to be her one, true mate?

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Her Alien Lover by Michelle Marquis

When Jenna volunteers to work as a biologist on the alien world of Puma, it’s not only the local plant life that fascinates her. Because stationed on this world is a gorgeous alien colonel, and he’ll require a little close study himself,--and the closer for Jenna the better.

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Cheri I love the sound of Sex Machine sounds great