Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Christmas To Remember by Destiny Blaine

A web of deception is about to begin.

Follow the lives of Cassie and Corby Teller from the start as Cassie meets and decides to marry a NFL football superstar ready to give her everything she could ever want knowing the whole time he is buying her love.

A Christmas to Remember tells the story of love, friendship, and being able to have it all.

Unfortunately, what Cassie Teller perceives as having it all falls somewhere between the love she has for one man and the lust she has for another…

Here's an excerpt: ....... I realized my phone still had the speaker mic light on. Shit. I clicked the end button and hoped Corby had not just witnessed the whole sex romp with Steve. We both had been pretty vocal about what we wanted from the other one and there would be no denying the fact that we were sleeping together if Corby hadn’t hung up the phone on his end when we said good-night.

Tired from passion, exhausted by confusion and destined to sleep, I fell into bed and forgot about the phone.
In Cleveland though, it was a different story. Corby sat on the bed staring at the speaker phone. He had heard every whimper, every sexual request and every moan. He was motionless and angry. Most of all, he was hurt......:

A Christmas to Remember was recently reviewed by Romance at Heart Magazine ( ) and Rose said "It is sexy, fun, happy, sad, and altogether a very delightful romp and I suggest you go get a copy of A Christmas to Remember!"

Readers can buy the short story from Mardi Gras Publishing at

Stay tuned for info on Destiny Blaine's website, coming soon.

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