Sunday, February 11, 2007

In Plain Sight by Gracie C. McKeever!

Back Cover Blurb:

When Samantha Taylor dropped out of her senior year of college to marry gorgeous and almost ten years her senior Dawson Foster, she never knew what she was getting into. But Sam is a quick study, and a year into her marriage, she prepares to remove her unborn baby and herself from a bad situation before it's too late. A headlong tumble down some stairs, however, violently nips her plans in the bud. But someone upstairs has other plans for Sam in the form of rough-and-ready, newly-expired bounty hunter, Dara Kelly.

Twice-divorced, Dara Kelly doesn't want to get married again, not even to luscious, Cuban-Irish Caution Foster. An African-American woman, she thrives in a profession where men set the rules, garnering respect and a tough reputation to match. But along with respect comes envy and enemies who will stop at nothing to gain a bounty…not even murdering a fellow skip tracer.

Review Snippet:

5 Kisses:

"Gracie C. McKeever possesses an incredible imaginative ability and the gift to make any type of paranormal element, no matter how unusual, appear perfectly realistic and [acceptable]. With any of her stories, there is never a question of the reader's suspension of disbelief, it occurs immediately, naturally, and very smoothly. Her action is fast-paced, and her characters are well-delineated. We come to know them as well as we understand our own friends and family, if not better.

Any book by Ms. McKeever is well worth a first read and subsequent rereads, but in the opinion of this reviewer In Plain Sight is one of her best!" —

Frost, Two Lips Reviews

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