Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Clean Cure by Desiree Erotique!

Clean Cure by Desiree Erotique

Title: Clean Cure

Author: Desiree Erotique

Publisher: Loose-Id

Publication date: January, 2007

Genre: BDSM Erotic Contemporary


Nolan and Colleen have a consensual Master/slave relationship, so when he goes away to Iran, Colleen’s understandably distressed at the loss of her Master. Now that he’s home, she’s having a bit of trouble readjusting.
Colleen’s picked up a few displeasing habits since he left. Crude language and the failure to address him as ‘Master’ among them. But Nolan’s not distressed. He knows just how to cure her: a belt, a bar of soap, and her fear that the neighbors might get to witness her punishment.

Publisher’s Note: Clean Cure is a nontraditional romance that contains elements that may be offensive to some readers: punishment, spanking, BDSM.

Review snippet:Two Lips Reviews:

(Rating: 4 Lips)

Clean Cure is a touching story that really brings to light the emotions and worries of the family members left behind to wait while a loved one is at war defending his country. The relationship between Nolan and Colleen is expressed in an eloquent beautiful manner. Desiree Erotique does a wonderful job of capturing Colleen's emotions regarding Nolan's return and his absence. The sexual chemistry is almost as strong as the emotions portrayed in this relationship. Clean Cure is a short story that will leave you feeling good and turned on too.

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Sounds like yet another awesome book from Desiree! I didn't know about this one, thanks for posting!