Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sticky Magic by Raine Delight!

Sticky Magic
by Raine Delight
Out Now from Forbidden Publicatons
Sticky Magic introduces you to Devon Falls, where the residents are the normal, everyday type of people and this Christmas, one woman's wish will transform her life as well as others around her.
Jenna is a woman who has always felt inadequate around men because she only seems to get the ones who strike out with her friends. With an impulsive wish, she never expects her dream man to come walking into her Candy Shoppe!
Marc du Bree is tall, dark and sinful...every woman's dream come true and he has been searching a very long time for his one true mate! When he walks into the Candy Shoppe, he never expects this pixie of a woman to make him lose control and steal his heart!
But marc has a secret that may have Jenna running for her life. Will she be able to accept who Marc is and give him her whole self, heart and soul? Or will she walk away from the one man willing to give her a love to remember?
Welcome to Devon Falls where Magic, Misteltoe and Christmas bring a story that will keep you entertained as well as hotter than hades!
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Coffee Time Reviews gave SM 4 Cups!!
Rose did a wonderful job and captured the essence of the story and characters perfectly.
Here is a snippit of what she had to say about Sticky Magic!
****Sticky Magic, by Raine Delight is a sensual and fun little tale that will keep you guessing and fill you with satisfaction. Yeah, we all know that Christmas brings out the love magic, as Halloween brings out the spirits. In this case, a bit of candy, some tempting of the Fates, and a heartfelt wish by one petite lonely young woman leads a tall dark and handsome warlock to his own realizations of love and seals his future. With a sweep of her pen, Raine has painted a short story filled with love, longing, and fulfillment in a sexy and sweet tale of a search for the perfect and only mate ended in a candy shop. Sticky Magic is a great short read, fast, candy-filled, and sexy and sensual to boot. Available now from Forbidden Publications, Raine Delight’s Sticky Magic is one quick read you can’t afford to miss. Happy Holidays, and may youy all find your own brand of Sticky Magic!
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Raine Delight
"Where fantasies come to life one page at a time!"
Sticky Magic out now at Forbiddden Publications!
Red Hot Magic: Mardi Gras Publishing Feb. 10th 2007

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