Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Diabolique by Desiree Erotique

Title: Diabolique
ISBN: 978-1-59632-406-0
Author: Desiree Erotique
Cover Artist: Croco Designs
Price: $4.99
About:Recently Phillippe LaFaire witnessed several young village women making love together in an open field. This spectacle left the intellectual tutor more desirous than ever for one of them, auburn-haired Tatiane. But when they are alone at last, not even Tatiane’s confessed passion for Phillippe can dint his sense of propriety. Only the next day, when Phillippe hears of Tatiane’s tragic death, does he begin to realize what a fool he’s been.
There is something that just doesn’t feel right about Tatiane’s death, and Phillippe comes away from her paganish funeral feeling the weight of guilt. When Phillippe is told by Tatiane’s grandmother that the girl wasn’t killed but turned into a vampire his rational view of the world collapses. The grandmother explains that Phillippe has the power to save Tatiane from the clan of vampires that took her. To accomplish this Phillippe must be prepared to use one of the magical formulas found in his library of arcane manuscripts.
But there is one other requisite: that Phillippe abandon his provinciality forever and resolve to claim Tatiane as his pleasure trophy.
It was Tatiane, my kittenish Tatiane, who had offered in life the warmth of desire that I’d so callously, so coldly, turned my back on. As lovely as always, her presence was as real as if she had never died. My stomach knotted with dread; my heart pounded with guilt. Tears burned at my eyes, and as they fell, she licked them from my cheeks. I wanted to speak her name and demand an explanation, but my speech seemed entirely under her control.
Her thighs slipped over the armrests of the chair and she lowered her knees beside my unmoving legs. She began to undulate over my lap, so that her auburn hair whipped my shoulders and her nubile breasts bobbed before my eyes. I was possessed with the smoldering urge to lift her up, throw her across my lap, and deliver the chastisement I should have dealt her that day in the classroom.
The thought of it honed my passion to an almost painful need. She must have suspected my thoughts, for her eyes lowered a moment. As they rose again, she smiled that kittenish smile I so adored, then reached between her thighs and unbuttoned my trousers. Drawing my cock out, she stroked its hardened length, which brought the most delighted purr to her lips.
She tilted forward a little and rubbed her moist slit back and forth across me, tantalizing my need sorely. I longed to suckle her nipples and devour her breasts with my mouth. Instead, I had to endure her husky coo as she tore apart the buttons from my shirt. She flicked her fingernails across my nipples, licking and sucking them until they panged, then Tatiane pulled my trousers down over my hips. Her pelvis and pert bottom rose and, holding my shoulders, she mounted me. Her nether mouth swallowed the length of my cock. Tight was her sheath, and she rode gingerly, pouting ever so softly, leaving me with no doubt that this was a virgin who ravished me.
I no longer heard the words that continued to flow from my mouth. My muscles tensed as my thoughts focused wholly on her almost cruelly slow strides. My jism shot into her, so that the next word stifled in my throat. She heard and kissed me tenderly, inhaling the word from my throat. With kisses she drank the rest of the alchemic procedure as the words spilt forth -- every addendum and comment of the text, which I had memorized. And when she had devoured the final remark, my consciousness faded.
“Phillippe, Phillippe, we are not finished! Phillippe ...”
My eyes opened to her rueful gaze. She kissed me until I was roused to full consciousness. It was then I felt the blood of her maidenhead on my balls. I still could not move of my own volition, and watched as her pelvis ground over my spent cock. Her nether muscles clenched it desperately as she weaved up and down, and very soon my passion was coaxed back.

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